Mental Vortex


Fractal Representation

Logical thoughts in abstraction
Brings the modelling's need (as station)
That is always a contraction
Of mental realization.

Fractal Vortex: mental vision!

Heir of Pisa, humanism
And golden number: scientists,
Like an anthropomorphism
They seem to be some fractalists.

As limited is consciousness,
Like planets are seen the neutrons,
Infinitely big in the likeness
Of infinitely small (like protons).

Spirals are seen everywhere,
Vortex as letter, word and verse
Of a fractal up to nowhere:
Universalist's universe.

But it's an approximation
As this is a simple model
Only a representation
A modal thought that's a doddle.

What (hu)man can't see, he can't reject
So he represents what he thinks
And the way that he does reflect
Fixes how he can see: like winks.

Lyrics by Gloom

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All Frustrations

Frustrated I am in this environment:
Sale with sexy women, sex in ad's metaphors,
Violence underlies: kindness' a commandment,
So hypocrisy lies; to have much more offers…

I want to be free and without anxiety
That's caused by this dead-end that is restrained anger;
False needs are tiring in this society
Inside they are tearing until making eager.

Slowly freeing myself, standing back and waking,
As I'm left on the shelf, nothing now is lacking.

But still lacking freedom, I'm using catharsis:
Even if too random, I feast with known faces.

How to be really in the strongest freedom?
Even ideally, free enough we're seldom!

Lyrics by Gloom

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I evolve in this life, jinking,
In spite of its roughness thinking.

I'm different: the others' reverse,
Feel unwell in this universe,

But feel better with relatives
That help me to bear what life gives.

(The best one died,
Ah! No! My guide!)…

I feel sad, lost, I'm despairing;
How to continue, all's breaking,
It hurts so deep, none repairing,
Have no more aim, I'm weakening…

I can't realize, he's missing,
Have to accept, now I'm facing!

I'll never be the same, I'm new;
All seems so useless, all goes fast,
But now, I have to continue,
Have to come to terms with my past!

Lyrics by Gloom

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War's Use

Let's think about war's origin,
Not knowing, we can imagine:
We can't know when it was engaged
'Cause of resources lack, it raged.

The cause of this situation
Is the overpopulation
That should be hindered in nature,
This behaviour changed with culture.

Thus war's a way to regulate
But most morals make it much late.
It's horrible to realize
Most of us profit when wars rise…

Lyrics by Gloom

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Nihilsm's Annihilation

By thinking of nihilism,
I conclude that's impossible:
It's just an idealism
That is simply unreachable

Some might hate the humanity
And become some misanthropist,
But that's far from reality
To hate all as a nihilist.

Only nothing's not possible,
Even heat death leaves the matter
(Without energy, so: stable;
Without time, nothing moves after).

By thinking of nihilism,
I conclude that's impossible.
So burst that idealism,
And annihilate unreal!

Lyrics by Gloom

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Listen to the music that went with those lyrics and that is now with other lyrics under the title ‘My Sickness’.

Politic's Evolvement1

Deletarian democracy
Promoting men's right everywhere,
Fighting against autocracy,
While finance leads (who's unaware?).
The decline of society
Caused by a miss of politic:
Politician futility
To please, leaving act in attic.
Weak we are all
'Cause of their role.

People caused this atrocity,
Being pleased instead of acting,
Leading to a fragility
That makes nothing more expecting

Deletarian society,
Deletarian democracy.

So now we have to do something,
The involvement in politic,
It have to be everyone's thing
Instead of being lunatic.

Deletarian society,
Politician futility
Leading to a fragility,
So to finance's atrocity.

All the people have to react
To evolve into politic
And make politicians re-act,
Or we have all to be sceptic…

*: Portmanteau word made from the words ‘evolve’ and ‘involvement’.

Lyrics by Gloom

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Incompleteness Theory ∨ Sense

‘Any effectively generated theory capable of expressing elementary arithmetic cannot be both consistent and complete. In particular, for any consistent effectively generated formal theory that proves certain basic arithmetic truths, there is an arithmetical statement that is true, but not provable in the theory’2

Though it may be seen as the liar paradox:
‘This sentence is falseness’ that's neither true nor false,
This, the incompleteness theorems, it unlocks
Gates of false and trueness and science shows its holes!

‘For any formal effectively generated theory including basic arithmetical truths and also certain truths about formal provability, this theory includes a statement of its own consistency if and only if this theory is inconsistent’3

What if just a fiction was truth that's logical,
An immense illusion that sets truth to nothing?
A call into question confuse and radical,
But would that delusion (for each one) change a thing?

Our comprehention's need leads us in sense's quest
Until the obsessions that rot the human's mind
By appealing tensions; all that's neurosis nest.
Can't anwser all questions, so, sense we should not mind!

Though it may be seen as the liar paradox:
‘This sentence is falseness’ that's neither true nor false,
This, the incompleteness theorems, it unlocks
Gates of false and trueness and science shows its holes!

Lyrics by Gloom

Listen to the music that went with those lyrics and that is now with other lyrics under the title ‘Paranoiac Evil’.

Self Imposed Progress

All after time running
To be more productive
(Just want to be winning
Success is addictive).

Technology made to
Save time and thus money,
To help us and trade too
But's sticky as honey!

Finally, nothing's saved:
It needs to be maintained
And learned, until all's caved
(Pollution's unrestrained).

Technology made to
Save time and thus money,
To help us and trade too
But's sticky as honey!

Now too late, fate's bitter.
Who wants involution?
‘Must always go faster’:
That's the evolution.

Technology made to
Save time and thus money,
To help us but trade too:
It's a bitter honey!

If most might understand
Then want all this to change,
This system, won't it end?
No, it will just exchange…

So it will continue,
More ecological,
But will corrode thou new:
It's ECO-logical!

Lyrics by Gloom

Listen to the music that went with those lyrics and that is now with other lyrics under the title ‘Living A Lie’.

Science's Ethical Preocupation

Always go further in logics
Subatomic in chemistry
Then string to relate to physics,
Biology's new gene's entry, …
Particle accelerators,
Then wanted black hole's production?
And what's next for the professors
In genetic exploration?

All they want is just to go fast,
To be the first, and so, to last.

What they do care about ethic
Is just how to present the things
In packaging so bright and thick
To make believe something it brings
Or the best way, somehow they find,
To progressive acceptations:
They make people change their own mind
With other preocupations…

Lyrics by Gloom

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Out of Science's Reach

What if we'd be able to reach
A point the theory eludes
(Because, as the professors teach
Division by zero excludes)?

What would be the concequences?
Could we understand, so control
New possibility's axis?
And what we would make, would it roll?

Would we, as we might imagine,
Be abble to reach any point
In universe (with new engine),
To explore all with that new joint?

What would we discover this way?
Would we think with some new limits?
Or would we go so far away
That we would reach some infinites?

It would change our perspective
And would open new dimentions
A new path would be effective:
Big human step with extensions.

But our nature it won't change:
We always want to discover,
So, we'd stay in the same old range:
Impose our path all over!

Lyrics by Gloom

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Sense's Absurdity

Something happend with that species,
That are some bipedal primates,
They became sapience sapiences.
That new behavior opens gates.
With the knowing of there knowledge
Came new expressing way: language
That makes pass on beyond death's edge
as once would pass high mountain's ridge.
Thus they discovered what's around,
Since then, they go further, always,
Remember, pass on what they've found,
Then came existential's thoughts' ways…

‘Who are we?’ ‘From where do we come?’,
‘Where do we go?’, ‘Can we know all?’,
‘Existing, what will we become?’,
‘Why do we die, is death's life wall?’, …

Trying to answer all questions,
The existance's absurdity
Did came in there explanations
By thinking of morbidity.

With their ability to speak
Too fast they climed to answers' peak.
And thus, as they couldn't accept
Absurdity of existence
Came each dogmas from a precept
And quest for sense (with its distance).

‘We are us’ ‘From life's course we come’,
‘We go further’, ‘None might know all’,
‘By existing, wise we'll become’,
‘Life's a cycle, death's not its wall’, …

The quest of sense just makes us tense
(Lost in search of our essence),
As absurd is the existence,
Nonsense, There's no sense to make sense.

Lyrics by Gloom

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Engineering's Hopes

Much new hopes gave by engineers
Brought industrialisation
Developing much useful gears
Thanks to serialization.

To progress, everyone did cheers,
It's always an exaltation
When a new living way appears:
The always faster progression.

So everyone took those habits
'Til they can't go without machines;
Procreating more then rabbits
(Being thriving with all engines).

They realized and got some fears
As it use to cause pollutions

Then still new hopes brought engineers
Promoting lasting solutions…

…As the progress (that won't regress)
Saves from progress that do agress…

Lyrics by Gloom

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Lost in Modernity

Born in an always changing time,
We're always in adaptation,
Most do that by making the mime,
Always in representation,

Each time that we're in pretention
To be others' will's entity,
As it cause an inner tention,
We loose parts of identity

Educated with conceptions
Like ‘goods, evils and what balance’
Making levels, graduations,
Building our vision and sence.

In a complex world that's lead by
The explained and implicit rules,
They're so much, can kiss it goodbye,
But lots obey to most like fools.

To past we throwed revolt efforts
We accept much for small comforts

The medias all enslave and tense
Imposing until the nonsense
The globals views, melting cultures
And empty with adds each one's purse

New technics whould help as it feeds
But takes time and creates much needs.

Not knowing what to do because
All messages in injunctions
(Rules, orders, each thoughts that's a cause, …)
Make lost with their contradictions!


Not facing each realities
We try to escape frustrations,
With drugs or some activities
We want to grab the best rations.

Lyrics by Gloom

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Deep, the Inner Miss Takes

‘I did some high studies, now I've got all I want:
My wife, kids, pets, goodies for house with all comforts
My cars my friends all please; and what having I can't:
The divine for release in all my thoughts' efforts.

More and more frightening by what I miss inside
Since things' got a meaning, I've lost it where I hide.

It haunts my reflections to search what miss to feed
More then relaxations and all that brings pleasure
I've seak in relations, I've looked so deep, I bleed!’

All our life, we'll search what doesn't feed inside
No imaginations can't just give a measure
Until death, we'll all march, empty's the inner-guide!

Lyrics by Gloom

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My Sickness

Lyrics by Olivier

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Paranoiac Evil

Lyrics by Olivier

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Living A Lie

Lyrics by Olivier

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Mad Man On Drugs

Lyrics by Olivier

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Negative Fate

Lyrics by Olivier

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Battlefield In Sight

Lyrics by Olivier

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My Kingdom To Come

Lyrics by Olivier

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My Last Trip

Lyrics by Olivier

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