Mental Vortex


Length of Time, Excavated, divine torment and Mental Vortex, October 17th, 2009, at the CPCR

Length of Time (Thrash Hard-Core)
Excavated (Death Metal)
divine torment (Metal Hard-Core)
Mental Vortex (Death Metal)

Saturday October 17th, 2009, doors at 19h00, starts (with Mental Vortex) at 19h30.

CPCR, Jonruelle street, 11,
4000 Liège,

Price: 10€ (8€ on pre-sale).

Mental Vortex Setlist 0. Bereaved; 1. Engineering's Hopes; 1. Politic's Evolvement; 2. Out of Science's Reach; 3. Incompleteness Theory ∨ Sense; 5. Fractal Representation; 8. Sense's Absurdity; 13. Self Imposed Progress; 21. All Frustrations; 34. Nihilism's Annihilation; 55. Science's Ethical Preocupation; 89. War's Use.


By Sophie Gaspard (or by Florence Lespagnard)
Politic's Evolvement

Download ‘Politic's Evolvement’'s audio file from October 17th, 2009's gig.

Composed by Jean-François, adapted by Olivier, Antoine et Gloom.

‘Politic's Evolvement’'s lyrics.

Lamster, New York Zombie, Pestifer, Neverlight Horizon, Sinfulness, Spitdown, El Comer Ocho and Mental Vortex, April 10th, 2010, at the Centre Culturel de Flémalle-Haute

Lamster (Heavy Metal)
New York Zombie (Metal / Hard-Core)
Pestifer (Death Metal) (cancelled)
Neverlight Horizon (Death Metal)
Sinfulness (Hard-Core Death Metal)
Spitdown (Metal / Hard-Core)
El Comer Ocho (Death Metal Hard-Core) (cancelled)
Mental Vortex (Thrash Death Metal)

Saturday April 10th, 2010, doors at 14h30, starts (with Mental Vortex) at 15h00.

Centre Culturel Flémalle-Haute, du Beau-Site street, 25,
4400 Flémalle-Haute,

Price: 5€.

Mental Vortex Setlist Lost in Modernity Incompleteness Theory ∨ Sense; Out of Science's Reach; Self Imposed Progress; Science's Ethical Preocupation Sense's Absurdity; All Frustrations; Deep the Inner Miss Takes Bereaved;


By Florence Lespagnard (unless by Sophie Gaspard)
Lost in Modernity

Download ‘Lost in Modernity’'s audio file from April 10th, 2010's gig.

Composed by Jean-François, adapted by Olivier, Antoine et Gloom.

‘Lost in Modernity’'s lyrics.