Mental Vortex


Mental Vortex was created in May 2008 by Jean-François Grégoire (ex-Grett Sotto, ex-Sentiment sans nom, ex-Down to earth, ex-Synaptic Orchestra, ex-Dragdown, ex-Maverick's, ex-Unbased, ex-Spleen, ex-Change Over, ex-No Way, …) at the guitar and Olivier Lespagnard (ex-Spleen, ex-Dragdown, session drums for Ali(e)n's demo, …) at the drums.

When they had about ten pieces, they began to look after a bass player, a second guitar player and a singer.

A few singers have been auditioned, but none integrated the band more then a few weeks.

Mental Vortex recorded the drums and guitar of four songs in the Mammouth Production recording studio in May 16th 2009.

About a week after, they founded a second guitar player.

In June, Gloom (Mactabis, cueille la nuit, Black Swords, — those bands being then on hold — ex-Dark Ages, ex-Clouds of Sadness, ex-So Far a Way, …) integrated the band as a singer.

Things didn't went well with two guitars and the second guitar player didn't stayed in Mental Vortex. The band then decided to continue just with one guitar, that is far enough for their music.

In July, Antoine Paterka (Pestifer, Carrefour Bongo's, ex-Lone, ex-St Lucrece of Golgotha, ex-Akillis' Tendon, ex-Hydra, ex-Ali(e)n, ex-Dragdown, ex-Kismet, …) completed the line-up by becoming their bass player.

The four song recorded has been completed by Antoine and Gloom at October 9th (with a few modifications made to the vocals at October 13th), still in the Mammouth Production recording studio.

October 17th took place in Liège the first Mental Vortex gig that has been very well welcome by the audience then present.

Their first recording entitled ‘Dodged Existence's Development’ is in pre-listening in this website since November 3rd 2009 and the CD-R version is available since the 25th of that month for 3€.

Mental Vortex made a second gig in Flémalle at April 10th, 2010.

Gloom leaves Mental Vortex on April 22nd.

Jean-François ensures the vocals in addition to the guitar.

July 22nd, Jean-François record his vocals on the song ‘Self Made Bastard’ (previously named ‘Bereaved’) in the same recording studio.

Lacking time, Antoine decided with the other member not to be in the band any more in July 29th.

September 4th and 5th, Olivier and Jean-François record the drums, the guitars and the vocals of 9 songs, still at the Mammouth Production's recording studio. At the end of the month, the bass is also recorded there by Jean-François.

Michel Debois (Caligula, Excavated, ex-Morgue, ex-From Beyond, ex-Nokturnal, ex-Atroxentis, ex-Salmonellose, ex-Burgus, …) became Mental Vortex's bass player the 11th of November; but, later, he left the band because he missed time. Mental Vortex's members decided then to continue in binomial.

July 28th 2011, ‘I Am Now…’, Mental Vortex's self produced first album, recorded in September 2010, is released. It cost 3€, 5€ by post (in Belgium).

Thursday August 25th, the band members decided to put the band on hold. A french statement is reproduced on the french version of this page.